Astigmatism Treatment at Sayville Family Eye Care

If the eyes are the "windows to the soul," then you can think of the corneas as the "glass" in those windows. But when the curvature of your corneas includes irregular deformations, you can expect the blurring of vision commonly associated with astigmatism. Fortunately, this common refractive error can be corrected to restore your eyesight to optimal clarity. Here at Sayville Family Eye Care, either optometrist on our skilled team diagnose your condition and prescribe the right corrective measures for your needs and lifestyle.


What Is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism belongs to the family of vision problems known as refractive errors, in which light is refracted by the structures of the eyes abnormally, resulting in the blurry vision at some or all distances. Refractive errors that involve irregular eyeball lengths, such as nearsightedness and farsightedness, may cause you to have trouble seeing only close or distant objects. In the case of astigmatism, However, the distortion occurs in the corneas due to "pits" or other abnormalities in the normally-smooth curvature of these tissues. (Some astigmatism involves lens abnormalities instead of corneal abnormalities.) These distortions at the front of the eye are likely to cause consistent vision problems such as blurriness at all distances.

Astigmatism is an amazingly common condition; many people are born with some degree of it (even if the visual distortion isn't noticeable), while others develop it following an eye injury, surgery, or disease. A condition called keratoconus, for instance, causes the cornea to bulge into a cone-like shape instead of a curve, causing astigmatism.

Corrective Strategies From Your Sayerville Eye Doctor

Astigmatism requires precise corrective measures that address the specific areas of the eye structures that are distorted. Your Sayverville eye doctor at our optometry center can detect astigmatism during an eye exam through a combination of refractive evaluation, corneal measurement, and vision testing. We map the areas of deformation in terms of zones called meridians to understand exactly where your eye structures need vision correction.

Your optometrist can prescribe corrective lenses to help you compensate for your astigmatism. Both eyeglasses and contact lenses can do a very accurate job of correcting for the distortions. Depending on the severity of your astigmatism, you may need specialized contacts such as RGP or toric lenses. For severe issues such as keratoconus, we can even prescribe scleral lenses that cover the whole cornea. We can even refer you for LASIK surgery and co-manage that form of permanent astigmatism correction.

Get Your Your Astigmatism Answers at Our Optometry Clinic

Don't let astigmatism intrude on your ability to enjoy life. Get the solutions you seek by calling our Sayville optometry clinic at (631) 589-1850!


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