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Dry Eye Treatment at Sayville Family Eye Care

Do your eyes always feel irritated and fatigued? If so, you may be experiencing some of the symptoms of a syndrome known as dry eye. Dry eye is more than a description -- it's an uncomfortable, potentially serious problem that can ultimately damage your eyes. Fortunately, help is at hand here at Sayville Family Eye Care. Either eye doctor at our Sayville optometry clinic can relieve your discomfort and help you keep your eyes properly dehydrated and nourished.

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Dry Eye's Causes, Symptoms, and Issues

Your eyes have delicate tissues that need to remain protected and moisturized at all times. The body normally accomplishes this feat by producing tears every time you blink your eyes. The tear ducts produce a combination of mucin and water, while the eyelids' meibomian glands add a topmost layer of oil to add lubrication and guard against evaporation. Without a proper balance of these three ingredients or sufficient tear production, your eyes will dry out on a regular basis. This should be of concern to you because dry, unprotected eyes are subject to damage, infections, and possible ulceration of the corneas that can affect your vision in the long term. In the meantime, you may suffer from red, itchy, irritated eyes, eye fatigue, light sensitivity, blurred vision, and other annoying symptoms.

Why do some people struggle with dry eye? For many people, simply getting older causes a reduction in tear volume. Medications or health problems may also reduce your ability to produce tears. Windy environments or heavy computer use (during which you don't blink often enough) can dry out the eyes. Even if you're producing plenty of tears, your meibomian glands might be blocked, leaving the tear film with insufficient oil.

Your Optometrist at Our Clinic Can Help You Overcome Your Dry Eye Dilemma

Depending on the cause and severity of your condition, your dry eye can be relieved, managed, or even prevented with the aid of Sayville Family Eye Care. Either optometrist on our team can analyze your eyes, tear production, tear composition, lifestyle habits, and medical circumstances to find the cause of your problem. We may then recommend:

  • Artificial tears or prescription eye drops
  • Environmental changes, changes in computer usage habits, or wind-blocking eyewear
  • Treatment to open blocked meibomian glands
  • Treatment for underlying health problems, or changes in the medications you're using to manage those problems

Talk to Your Sayville Eye Doctor

Our optometry center can help you enjoy more comfortable eyes and protected those eyes against future harm. Call (631) 589-1850 to schedule a dry eye evaluation with your Sayville eye doctor!



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