Eye Disease Management

Eye Disease Management At Sayville Family Eye Care

If you have an eye disease, maintaining a good relationship with your optometrist and seeing them regularly is key. Here at Sayville Family Eye Care, we pride ourselves on answering questions, explaining exams, options, and procedures, and generally keeping our patients well-informed at all times, including during the process of eye disease management.

man getting eye disease managementCommon Eye Diseases

The most common eye diseases include cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and dry eye syndrome. They have a variety of symptoms, ranging from none at all until vision loss occurs to long-term, gradual deterioration of vision. Besides occurring in a relatively large number of people, what they have in common is that they all require eye disease management.

  • Cataracts cause cloudy vision and are usually treated using increasingly stronger prescriptions until they become severe enough to warrant surgery. After cataract surgery, there is a slightly higher risk of certain other problems, so you will need to see an optometrist regularly.
  • Glaucoma usually causes no symptoms until after vision has been lost. Once lost, this vision cannot be regained. However, medication can be used to treat glaucoma successfully and prevent further vision loss.
  • Macular degeneration usually starts as dark or blurred spots in the central vision. It can be detected before symptoms appear during a dilated eye exam, though. The only approved treatments are for use during the later stages of the disease, but our optometrist can discuss the possible use of dietary supplements and lifestyle changes to help slow the progression.
  • Diabetic retinopathy may start with any number of symptoms, including floaters, shadows, blurred vision, and eye pain. It is caused by high blood sugar levels. In the early stages, the best treatment is bringing your diabetes under control.
  • Dry eye syndrome is frequently characterized by irritated eyes with a sensation of a foreign body where none exists. It may also involve redness, eye fatigue, or other symptoms. Treatment options include medication and a procedure to block the drains in the eyes for severe cases.

Preventing and Managing Eye Diseases

If you do not already have an eye disease, the best way to prevent problems is to live healthily and see your optometrist regularly. It may be tempting to skip appointments when you do not have an obvious problem, but routine vision screenings are how many diseases are found in the early stages. When caught early, treatment can prevent or reduce the severity of vision loss from many eye diseases.

Sayville Family Eye Care Can Help Manage Your Eye Diseases

Here at Sayville Family Eye Care, we can help you understand and treat your eye diseases effectively. This starts with regular preventative exams! To make an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam or for help with your current eye disease, call (631) 589-1850.

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