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Hard To Fit Contacts At Sayville Family Eye Care

Several years ago, there was a large segment of the population who were told that due to their specific vision problems, eyeglasses were the only option for vision correction, and wearing contact lenses was not possible. Fortunately, there has been a lot of new developments in contact lenses, and many of those who were forced to shun contacts can now look into them as a possibility for clear vision and a new outlook on life.

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Options in Hard to Fit Contacts

At Sayville Family Eye Care in Sayville, NY we proudly offer the option of hard to fit contacts to many people who were once told, or who may have assumed that contact lenses were not an option for them. These people suffer from conditions such as

  • Dry Eye - the inability or reduced ability for the eye to make quality tears that lubricate the eye
  • Astigmatism - curving of the cornea and lens into an oval shape, rather than the correct round shape, which distorts vision
  • Presbyopia - an age-related condition that makes it difficult to see both close-up and far away
  • Keratoconus -- a condition in which thinning corneas cause bulging of the eye
  • Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC) - inflammation of the inner eyelid

While advances have been made in contact lenses, if you have any of these conditions, it is likely that your optometrist will recommend some type of hard to fit contacts that will address the specific issues with your eyes.

Seeing Our Eye Doctor

Whether your eyes are bothering you because of your current contacts due to dry eye symptoms or other eye problems, or you are looking for contacts to become an option in your life, making an appointment with our eye doctor in Sayville, NY is a good first step.  The type of contact lenses your optometrist might recommend depends largely on your specific vision and eye health issues. Some common options include

High Water Content Contacts - Many newer types of contacts contain a higher water content than other contacts, which can help those who experience drying of the eyes, especially when wearing other contacts.

Gas Permeable Lenses - these lenses help to reduce protein deposits, which helps keep GPC and  Keratoconus symptoms under control as they correct vision.

Toric Lenses -used for correcting astigmatism, these contacts do not rote on the eye the way many other traditional contact lenses do and must be custom made to address the exact nature of the wearer's astigmatism.

Bifocal/Multifocal Lenses - similar to bifocal and multifocal glasses, different areas of these contacts are designed to treat nearsighted issues and farsighted issues, which makes them a good option for many with presbyopia.

Monovision Lenses - an option for some with presbyopia that treats nearsightedness in one eye, and farsightedness in the other.

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