Hard to Fit Contacts FAQs

Hard to Fit Contacts FAQs Answered by an Eye Doctor in Sayville, NY 

Not everyone fits into a pair of contacts that's a common prescription. Some people have unique vision needs or require a particular size that's uncommon. Sayville Family Eye Care, serving Sayville, NY and the surrounding region, accommodates clients who have special eye prescription needs, including Toric lenses.

Hard to Fit Contacts FAQs Answered by an Eye Doctor in Sayville, NY 

What are hard to fit contacts?

Hard to fit contacts are available for people who have unique eyewear needs. Some of the issues that require hard to fit contacts are as follows: astigmatism, keratoconus, presbyopia, dry eye, and giant papillary conjunctivitis. 

Why do people need special contacts for astigmatism?

Not everyone who has astigmatism requires special contacts. However, those with a more severe case benefit from Toric lenses or ones specific for astigmatism. The contact lenses for this eye condition correct farsightedness or nearsightedness in various meridians of the eyes to optimize your vision in all areas. Special lenses for astigmatism are designed to rotate to the proper position. 

Why do patients need special contacts for keratoconus?

Patients need special contacts for keratoconus because their eyes aren't shaped normally. A person who has keratoconus has an eye that bulges and resembles a cone more than a ball. Scleral lenses are one option that people with keratoconus see better. Scleral lenses are bigger in diameter than conventional gas-permeable lenses. They cover a larger portion of the cornea. 

How can an optometrist tell if you need hard to fit contacts?

We tell if you need hard to fit contacts through a vision screening. During an eye examination, our eye doctor in Sayville asks you to look into lenses. You have to read the lines of letters, so we determine which one you see best. This checks your visual acuity. Then, we ask you to look at two different images and tell us which one appears clearer. This helps us detect astigmatism. Often, this is enough to tell if you need special contacts. Additionally, our eye doctor has you look into a machine to determine the dimension of your eyes. 

Can you wear contacts if I have dry eye?

Yes, you can wear contact lenses if you have dry eye. We advise you on contact brands that offer contacts that are specifically for dry eye. They're much more comfortable for patients with dry eye than standard contacts. 

Why do you need special contacts for presbyopia?

Unlike most vision deficits, presbyopia isn't caused by a refractive error. We advise patients to receive a prescription for multifocal lenses to correct the problem. 

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