Sayville Family Eye Care not only provides you with an updated vision prescription, we can also help you find the right pair of glasses! We recommend that you receive a regular check-up at the start of the selection process in order to make sure that your prescription is correct. We offer styles and sizes for the entire family, making finding new eyeglasses for the entire family a breeze. Schedule an appointment with our optometrist in Sayville and find your perfect pair!

It is easy to become overwhelmed with the many different types of frames that are available on the market. At Sayville Family Eye Care, we will ensure that your frames are functional for your corrective lenses and suited to your lifestyle. Our styles range from the classics such as aviator and cat-eye shaped frames to today’s popular bold styles and retro looks. Below are a few basic guidelines for the right frames to consider based on your general face shape:

  • Round – try angular and narrow frames to lengthen the appearance of your face.
  • Oval – this face shape is flattered by frames that hit below the brow line and are widest at the widest part of your face, give diamond-shaped frames a go.
  • Oblong – shorten the length of this face shape by choosing frames that are round and with a low-placed bridge to shorten the nose.
  • Square – soften the sometimes harsh angles of a square face with glasses that are slightly curved or oval, and are wider than they are tall.
  • Heart-Shaped – counter-balance a narrow chin with glasses that are wider at the bottom; popular styles for this face shape include light-colored aviators and rimless options.
  • Base-Down Triangle – offset broad chins with frames that widen at the top in bold, dramatic colors; cat-eye shaped eyeglasses are ideal!
  • Diamond – highlight the high cheekbones of this rare face shape with soft oval frames that have dramatic details and are rimless.

Also, consider your lifestyle when making your selection; let our optometrist know if you lead an active or sports-driven lifestyle and they can guide you accordingly.

Is it Time to Update Your Eyeglass Frames? Call Sayville Family Eye Care to Schedule Your Appointment Today!

Regular eye exams help us to ensure that your prescription is correct and up to date. If it’s time for your regular eye exam, or you want to update your frames, call us at (631) 589-1850 to schedule a visit with our optometrist in Sayville.