Glaucoma threatens the eyesight of approximately 3 million Americans, and only about half of them even know they’re in need of treatment for the condition. This progressive eye disease can destroy your optic nerves over a period of time, much of the damage done before you’re aware of the problem. That’s why it makes such good sense to schedule regular eye exams with our Sayville optometrist to get checked for glaucoma and schedule any necessary glaucoma treatment here at Sayville Family Eye Care.

What You Need to Know About Glaucoma

Glaucoma is the second most widespread cause of blindness after cataracts, and unlike the lens clouding produced by the latter condition, there are no obvious outward signs of its presence. The term refers to any of several situations in which high intraocular pressure does damage to the optic nerves, those delicate bundles of nerve fiber that relay images to the brain. Most commonly, the trouble stems from the drainage mesh that allows a fluid called the aqueous humor (which the eye produces on a constant basis) to escape. When this pressure-regulating system fails, the fluid pressure grows until the optic nerves sustain permanent damage.

Most glaucoma patents have open-angle glaucoma, which means that their eyes are draining fluid too slowly to keep up with production. This tends to cause gradual vision loss over a long period of time. But some people are prone to a condition to angle-closure glaucoma. In this emergency condition, the drainage system fails completely, causing rapid pressure buildups which may cause sudden vision loss as well as eye pain, headaches or nausea.

Your Optometrist in Sayville Can Help Preserve Your Vision

Glaucoma can happen to anybody, but your risk rises after the age of 40 — especially if you’re African-American, have high blood pressure or diabetes, take steroid medications, or have a family history of the disease. The sooner the condition is detected, the less chance you have of suffering significant vision loss. Your optometrist in Sayville can check for possible glaucoma during a comprehensive annual eye exam by testing your vision, administering tonometry (pressure testing), and viewing the optic nerves directly.

Glaucoma can usually be managed through medication. We may prescribe eye drops or oral medications that cause your eyes to make less fluid and/or drain more fluid. If necessary, we can even refer you for laser surgery to get your glaucoma under control.

Schedule an Eye Exam With our Sayville Eye Doctors

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